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Literature Based Learning

For the Whole Family

Hi, I'm Zsuzsanna Anderson

I am the wife of Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, and a stay-at-home mom to our 10 (and counting) kids ages 18 to 1 that have been home educated their entire lives, all of whom are avid readers. “Read Yourself an Education” is the outworking of years of researching and locating books to use in teaching my own children. Here, I have accumulated my favorite books on each topic, and for each age group.

Zsuzsanna Anderson

The Unit Study Difference

Other Unit Studies

Lack of Quality Books 
Higher Costs
Book Availability
Lack of Family Activities
Less Cycles = Boredom

By Yourself

Lots of Planning
Researching Books
Categorizing Book Lists
Coordinating Activities
Lack of Guidance
Children of All Ages can Lean Together
Lower Educational Costs
In Depth Understanding 
Hands on Projects
Brings Family Together

Read Yourself An Education

Mrs. Zsuzsanna Anderson on Framing the World Live

This live call-in show covers, Read Yourself an Education, homeschooling in general, and much more! 

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